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In Writing we have been looking at some very interesting pictures. We are allowed to choose what to write about and make a story to go with the picture. We really enjoy when we can write about all the weird and wonderful pictures!

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The Alpha Dragon

"Today children we are going on a trip, over to the snowy mountains. We are learning about flowers and trees" said Miss Rose. We all hopped off the bus it was so cold and everyone was freezing. Our teacher was especially frozen she looked like Jack Frost had bit her!  She hoped off the bus and walked around the side that is when she saw it. It was gigantic like a dinosaur, but it was a whale skeleton.

Suddenly my teacher looked up the sky filled with darkness as the alpha dragon crossed the light of the sun. A chill went down my spine. It let out a shrill scream and swooped towards the class.  The class scattered like marbles on a smooth floor. The boys screamed like girls and several girls fainted. The alpha dragon extended its sharp claws and scooped a child off the floor. He did a flip and whistled back up into the sky. Johnny was never seen again. Miss Rose just tells stories about the day that the Alpha dragon took Johnny away.

Written by: Breeze, Added to by C4


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The Troll finds Love

The Troll was very ugly, it had a old leafy tree planted on his old rocky back. He is so lonely that he thought the cliff was a lovely lady troll and fell in love with the dusty cliff.

He could walk into a puddle and it would just look like a ice cube that melted.His nose was as long as a 1000 pound sausage.  He was a good troll but the cliff did not think he was pretty enough. The troll's clothes looked like they were brought from homeless people. One day when he looked in the mirror he said "I am one handsome man".



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The Unwanted Visitor

The big ugly enormous old freaky troll has trees and bushes growing on his back. He sniffs in his big bumpy nose. He started to walk towards me. I stopped for a second. He looked at me like he was sad. So i decided to walk back to him. I thought I could be his friend. All of his friends that were islands came too. They are my friends as well. I have built on them a skate park, a mansion, a roller coaster and a pool. Mum, Dad and my brothers and friends live there with me.

By Ako B

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Military Intervention

His shirt was gigantic, it had hundreds of patches. His hair was a forest. Its nose is like an elephants. He is colossal, he can walk through the sea like it is a puddle. His face is ancient, ugly and bumpy. He is so ugly that he scares other trolls away, and nearly even killed another when he looked at them.

So he thought 'if I look at some humans, they will die'. So he went to the closest human and tried it. It worked! The military found out. They were worried about Earth's safety so they turnt up and shot him with rocket launchers, tanks, helicopters, nukes and machine guns. BUT they didn't work... so they used their brains and found a giant mirror. They put it in front of the troll, the troll saw himself and died a horrible death.

By Jahray S


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The Crazy Wolf was waiting patiently by the tree for the boy to think that he was gone. The boy waited and waited, he thought the coast was clear. He jumped down from branch to branch. The wolf pounced up and quickly grabbed him. He ripped him to shreds and blood splattered everywhere. Suddenly the hungry pack of wolves arrived to feed on his remains.

By Maddison J


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The Big Bad Wolf

I was sleeping in my room, I woke up because I hear 'WhooOoOoo' sounds. I tiptoed outside to see what it was. I saw the full moon. A owl was in the tree. I ran back inside, closed the door and locked it.  I heard a scratching at the door. Shadows went past the windows. I tried to hide in the closet I heard the floor boards creak.  I saw him coming near the closet so i pushed the door open and ran. No one was there so I snuck into my sisters room and hid under the bed. He entered the room. I could see his sharp nails and hairy legs. I waited silently under the bed.

By Cristol L


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I stood up, still hiding behind a wall. Then I saw a pack of wolves devouring a carcass. Blood dribbled down the faces of the wolves. The wolf hid silently by the tree.  A big foot snuck out from behind the tree


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