The Water Horse

For Availll we read watched the movie 'The Water horse' we learnt lots of new words and their meanings. We also looked at Synonyms which are words that have the same or similar meanings. We Really enjoyed the movie and Miss Rose loves Scotland so we started talking about it and about the different legends and art. We decided to create a piece of art work about the water horse. Here are the stages that we completed to finish our piece of art work.

1. Sketch Creuso (the Water horse). As well as the water line, and the seaweed.

2. Paint Creuso in a grey wash.

3. Paint the sky and sea in two different blue washes.

4. Go around Creuso and details in a black vivid.

5. Start to use pastels to colour in the night sky, adding stars in the 'Van Gogh' style.

 Here is one that was a daytime picture:

6.Blend in different colours into the sea and the waves.

7. Colour in Crueso with different tones of grey.

8. Add finishing touches.


  1. Wohh precisely what I was searching for, thank you ffor posting.


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