School Rules


Our school has three easy to remember rules. They are RESPECT Self, Others and the Environment. These are easy to follow. 

We show Respect to self by:
-Turning up to School on time
-Being prepared for learning
-Looking after your belongings
-Showing pride in yourself  and the way you look
-Labeling our clothing
-Starting your learning straight away

We show Respect to Others by:

-Be kind and caring
-keeping your hands and feet to ourselves
-Respect their belongings
-Only ride your scooter
-Say kind words to others
-Include others in your games
-Listen to others when they are talking
-Looking after our class pets to a high standard

We show Respect for the Environment by:

-Riding on the bike track the Right way
-Only writing in our books
-Treating other people property with respect
-Look after plants school grounds
-Picking up our rubbish
-Playing appropriately on the right playground
-Putting gear and equipment away where it belongs

In C4 we try our best to follow these rules. When we do we get a lot of rewards, like tickets that go into the draw to win a prize, and prizes from our class prize box. We also do Dojo points in our class.


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