Our Wonderful Teacher

WALT: Describe the characteristics of our Teacher.

Our Wonderful Teacher

They are just normal people... but they're not. They are all different and unique. She looks like she needs a holiday, I know this because.... she has bulging bags under her eyes and she yawns several times a day. She taps her wrist and looks at an invisible watch while she waits for me. She drinks too much coffee and talks my ear off. She is exhausted and is moving my name on the behaviour chart. She is talking about her self in third person because 'she is waiting'. She is giving me the teacher look her eyes are scowling at me.

I know she is tired, but she is really quite great because.....She helps me when I am struggling, She talks to me when I am angry or sad. She encourages me when I'm Learning even if my work isn't that great. She makes learning fun even when it is about boring things, and takes us out for sport, She smiles at me and it feels contagious. She is proud of me when I keep trying and when I persevere. She fills my head with knowledge but I don't always take her advice. She forgives me when I muck up and tells me to try again.

She is here every morning and here all night, I think that she lives here...I hope she's alright. Poor poor teacher we just want you to know that even though sometimes we don't act like it we really do appreciate you and are so thankful you are here.

Sincerely the children of C4.


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