Mum makes me feel loved when she gives me a hug.
She makes us dinner and folds our clothes, she even puts them in our draws.
She gets angry when I tease my brothers and fight with them.
I feel angry when she is angry and I wish I had left them alone!

She even plays my play station with me and laughs when she doesn't win.
She is always busy but she makes time for me.

I am so thankful that you are my Mum I wouldn't want anyone else!

By Ako & Te Aorangi



She's cool and funny sometimes when she's angry she can still make jokes and laugh.

She always matches here clothes but sometimes not. She cleans the house everyday 
and always makes delicious dinners. She sleeps after cleaning but she is always happy
when she wakes up. She makes a new game to play. She is really the best mother ever! 

I'd like to say thank you for looking after me and making games that are really fun.

By Carlos



When she is happy she sits on her beanbag and has a drink, she likes to eat muscles with me and her cat Lilly Puss by the roaring fire. She is the best at doing the dirty washing and the yuck dishes. She buys me wonderful .presents and even lets me have pet mice! She even brought my pet mice accessories for their cage I am very lucky to have an amazing Mum in my life.

By Maddison M


The Best Mum

My Mum is the best Mum in the whole world. I love her to the moon and back. When she is angry she plays on her IPad. She sometimes plays a game with me called Hungry Frogs. She even helps me with my Homework and reads with me. I love her to infinity and back!

By Justin H



My Mum takes us to places we have never been before. She cooks us yummy delicious dinners every night. She does the washing and folds it too.  Whenever we go on a trip somewhere she makes it fun and get us food. When she is happy she has a beautiful smile on her face. She loves baking cupcakes and cakes. She makes me feel special because she gets me things from the shop.  She is helpful, nice and kind to me.

By Nazarene T


My Beautiful Mum

My Mum is special to me because she looked after me since day one. Even though she has five other children she can still put dinner on the table, afford the rent, bills and the food in the cupboard. She looks after us when we are sick or hurt. She goes to work so that she can provide for us. She gets angry when we fight but I understand why she is mad. I love her because she looks after me. No one will ever replace my Mum.

By Jordan B



She makes me a delicious dinner each night. She buys me cool clothes and food to eat. She gives me money to buy clothes to ride my motor bike. She gives me wonderful presents for my birthday and Christmas. I love her not just because she buys me things but also because she folds the washing and pays the bills. She helps me with my homework, and reads my Lexile book with me. She makes me feel special not just on my Birthday but every day of the year. 



A special Mum

She buys my clothes and shoes. She cooks my dinner and buys food. She does the washing She cleans the House. She is happy when we don't make a mess. When she is angry I try not to make her even more mad. I make sure she has her inhaler. She helps me with my homework. She gives me money and buys games for the playstation. I love my Mum more than anything. 

By Jahray S


My wonderful Mum

I love her because she is unique and different to every other Mum. She is funny and pretty. She helps me with so much. At the moment she is teaching me how to sew. She does the washing. She plays with the kids, She has water fights with us. She does the shopping for us and cooks dinner. Sometimes we have fights but say sorry and forgive each other. I love my Mum she is so EXQUISITE. I love her brown straight hair and I like how we always have fun together. I love you to the moon and all the way back to my heart Mum!

By Jorja L


My Fabulous Mum

My Mum is the nicest Mum ever. She always lets me play on her phone. She takes me to buy games. Mum always attends my sports games. She buys sports gear for me. She cooks food for four people. She puts me to bed each night. I love the way she gives me hugs. 

By William H


My Mum

My Mum loves it when she wakes up to a clean house. She likes it when my brothers and sisters are getting along. She is kind enough to wash, dry and fold my clothes. She hates it if we sit at home, with the curtains closed and the house been a mess. She loves to take us out when we are behaved. I love it when my Mum is happy and taking a well deserved rest!

By Aja-Kalay N


My beautiful Mum

She is nice to everyone. Sometimes she gets mad at me, but she has never grounded me. If someone is not nice to Mum she explodes like a volcano. I love my Mum because she cooks dinner and keeps the house clean. She buys my lunch for me and loves me too. 

By Farah C


Why I love my Mum

I love my Mum in every single way. I love her to the moon and back. She spends every single day with me. She tells me what is right and wrong. She pays the bills, rent, power, and the hot water that we use to shower everyday. She buys food for us to eat, clothes to wear and soap to keep us clean. She cooks us food that explodes in my mouth with yummy flavors. No one in the whole Universe is better than my Mum. I love my Mum because she raised me.

By Lorraine H


MY Funny Mum

She tidies the house, makes my delicious dinner. She hangs out all of our clothes, buys cool stuff for me.  She is fit and sporty like me. She makes scrumptious pudding, helps me with homework, buys school lunch. To top it off she is ALWAYS nice and dinner and pudding are just right! That is why I love Mum.

By Richard B


My Incredible Mum

My Mum is nice to us. Sometimes she growls us but I only when we do something wrong. My Mum does all the cleaning in the house. I have to do the dishes and the rubbish we work as a team. I sometimes moan and don't want to do it. She tells me to do it or I will be in big trouble. I love her so much but she loves me more

By Ricki


My Spectacular Mum

You are the best Mum in the whole universe. I love you so much even though sometimes you get angry with me. I still love you. You make dinner, wash my clothes and give me presents. You always take me to really fun places. I love you now and forever. I am so lucky you are my Mum. I wouldn't want anyone else.

By Xavier M



Dear Mum thanks for looking after me since birth. Thanks for tucking me in bed each night and letting me invite friends over to play. You let me have time out when I get mad at Jack. You give me pocket money for doing the wood and helps me if she can. Mum keeps a roof over my head and always says 'I LOVE YOU' .

I love you too

By Tyrone O


My great Mum

She is intelligent, she is great. I am thankful to have her as my Mum because she cooks dinner, takes me to school and helps me when I'm sick or hurt. She is helpful by cleaning, doing the dishes and sorting out everything. She knows what is best for me. I love my Mum

By Samuel L


My Awesome Mum

My Mother is nice. She is a one of a kind. She is a good cook, lovely and excellent at washing. She does most of the cleaning. I do the dishes and hang out the washing, she has to go to work everyday and she only gets two days to spend with me. I love spending time with my Mum because we go up town together and she is interested in everything I like. 

By Jordin S


My Lovely Mum

I love Mum because she is special to me. She reads a book to me.  Sometimes I help Mum with the work. When I get mad or upset Mum is there to help me. When my room is messy she helps me organize it. One time when I broke my leg she took me to the hospital and got me a band aid.



  1. Really enjoyed reading your writing about your Mums. I think they will really treasure the writing you have done. Don't forget to spoil them on Mother's day.


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