Maths Masters

In Maths Masters you have to do your  - + X ÷. I got my Mini Maths Masters on the 22nd of February. In your Mini maths Masters the questions are addition and subtraction to 10. I then passed Maths Masters on the 8th of March. The questions were addition and subtraction to 100. I recently passed my Super Maths Masters which means I know my 2,5,10 times tables and division. I am now one test away from my Super Duper maths Master which is hard! To pass these timed tests I have worked hard at learning my Timetables. I feel good about getting this far!


  1. Wow Richard, Congratulations on passing your Super Duper Maths Mater! It is great to see you doing so well in Maths this year. Ka tino pai!


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