My name is Tarewa (the pro of lexile).  Lexile is a reading program I have got my silver star.
The stars are rewads that we get at Wednesdays assembly.  I just need one more star till gold I have 89 points. Point are things to get when you pass a test. 15 points for blue, 30 points for red, 45 points for bronze, 60 points silver, 100 points for gold.  I got my silver star inst that CRAZY GOOD FOR THE START OF THE YEAR!!! Told you I was a pro!!!I'm coming 2nd in the whole school
but people are catching up so I got to get a move on.

"I have my gold star one hundred points. I like having my Gold star because this is my first time having a Gold star ever. I was the third to get my gold star in assembly. I was lucky that day because I also got the principal award, the unichem voucher and a really cool book about the world’s deadliest animals."


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