In The Future

Last week we watched 'Meet the Robinsons for Availll' We really enjoyed it as it was funny and imaginative. On Monday we did a free write where we imagined what life might be like in the Future. We had a lot of Ideas; here are some of them.

Edible Houses

In the future the houses are made out of pancakes. They have whipped cream for the roof. A three story house has three layers of pancakes with cream, jam and butter. The roof is bouncy and when you eat some it just spawns back. With each house is a big jar of jam so you can have jam with your pancakes. The pancakes never get dirty or rotten, they are always just the right temperature!

By Jordin S


Future Inventions

In the future I think they are going to create a fabulous machine that you can ask for any food or lolly you want and you can have it. 

I think that people are going to create different Disney characters and turn them into robots. The will walk where ever you go and you make it do anything even get you wifi, but only the person who buys it can see it.

I think people are going to make a machine that can take you back in time. I think there are going to be helping robots that can help people that work hard at home with their work 

In the future people are going to drive giant bubbles instead of cars. 

By Aja-Kalay. N


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