This term we are doing a program called Availll. There are five activities to do,one for each day of the week. The first activity was the last word we had one piece of paper but we had to rip it in to eight pieces the we had to number them from one to eight. Then Miss Rose will pause the movie and ask us what was the last word that we could see on the subtitles was. We then write that down on a piece of paper, it has to be spelt right! Our second activity was synonym search. In this activity we had to find the  word that means the same as another word. For example messy  is another word for  dirty.  We also read pages from the book as a class which has more detail than the books. I like Availll because I love stories like Nims Island. We do a lot of reading during Availll as you have to read the subtitles to get the correct words.

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Nims Island is about a little girl named Nim her Dad who is a scientist and a writer.  They are the only two who live on a remote Island as Nim's Mum died. One day Nim's Dad 'Jack' is leaving to study plankton and is going to be gone for two days. Nim said that she will stay home with her friends Silkie the seal, Gelieo the pelican and Fred the Lizard.  Nim loves reading a series of books about Alex Rover who is an explorer and hero. One day her 'hero' Alex Rover came to her island but it was the writer not the hero the writer had made up Alex Rover.  Alexandra Rover is a writer who is scared to leave the house so coming to the Island is a big adventure for her, but she must do it as she thinks Nim is in trouble and all alone. The next day just when Nim thought she'd never see her Dad again her Dad came back with the Nano Plankton that he would name after Nim! Nim was so happy when her Dad came back! Her Dad then met Alexandra Rover and they fell in Love. They all lived happily ever after.

BY: Jorja and Jordan


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