I felt the coldness blowing the trees and glistening leaves fall down.
They fell like rain
The leaves are spikey and crunchy and feel old
 The leaves are in a big pile.
It is freezing cold the leaves fall on as.

By Cristol



Cold and foggy Autumn days glazed with colour.
I feel cold wet leaves touching my skin.
I can see leaves slowly twirling and gliding from the rough old tree.
I can hear the leaves brushing down from the trees. I can smell old rotten leaves decomposing on the damp ground.
I was playing in the blanket of leaves.



The crunchy leaves fall softly off the tree.
The old tree looks naked and bare
The leaves crumble under my blue frozen toes.
Colourful beautiful leaves blow around the school.
My body is frozen as soon as I go outside.
The soft leaves make a blanket.

By Ako



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