C4’s Mexican trip

 C4’s Mexican trip

On Wednesday we went on a trip to Mexico.  In first block we looked on the map to see where we were going. We found out where different countries are. 

We went to break when we got back from break we hoped in to our holiday clothes. Then we grabbed our pass port and our tickets too. We went outside and Miss Rose and Mr Wallace checked to see if we had anything in our pockets and other places, they were security. Then Stacy gave us a stamp in our passports and put us in our seats. I sat in 4C next to Waimarie and Samuel. We watched a video with the Allblacks, it was a safety video. Then we watched a video of what it’s like to fly, looking out the plane window. When we landed we saw photos on the screen of Mexico. We thought it was a lot different to New Zealand because most of their shops were bright coloured with flat roofs. We even saw pictures on google map and we looked at a house. Before second break we went out for a game of soccer because it’s the most popular sport in Mexico. 

When it was third block we lined up to go and bat the pinyata down. We all got a turn at bating. We were allowed two lollies and one ping pong ball. The ping pong balls had numbers on them for a draw. Casey, Jorja, Waimarie and I all helped Stacy to finish making the nachos. When they were finished we ate them on the Back field. We were put into groups of five, except my group we only had four. I ate so much nachos they were delicious. I felt really happy during our Mexican day! 

After lunch we took the plane back to New Zealand and were back in time for assembly. 

By: Aja


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