Our Class Mice!

C4's Pet Mice!

We have three cute mice in C4. Their names are Stewart Rosie (Grandma) and Susie. We have one boy and two girls.  Stewart is plain white and Rosie is dark brown and white. Susie is   black and white. Once Rosie climbed the ladder and she fell off but she was all right. Another time Stewart  got stuck in the hammocks! I am so glad we have our pet mice!

By Casey                                                       

C4 has 3 pet mice. One is a boy and 2 girls. Stewart is white and has red eyes.  Suzie is multi colored and Rosie is multi colored and has a nickname, it is Grandma. They like the ladder that we made and the hammocks. I like our pet mice because they are cute and fluffy and eat fruit. Rosie is the best because she climbed the ladder first and went on the hammock. Grandma looked happy when she was on the hammock. They have 2 tubes, a mouse house and a food bowl. All of them are awesome in their own way.

By Jahray  



  1. C4 your pet mice look very cute, but you would never get me touching one! The children in E4 said that they would like a pet mouse. Last term we had the pet tadpoles and frogs. Now they are living in my pond.


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